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              About us

              Company Overview

              Founded in 2006, Yichang Lifeng Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Yichang City, Hubei Province, a beautiful tourist city in central China. It is also the site of the world famous Three Gorges Dam, the third long river in the world. The company is away from the airport, Station, only 30 minutes by car, traffic is very convenient.

              The company invested a total of more than 6000 million yuan, covering 30 acres, more than 260employees, weaving, ribbon, bleaching, dyeing, sewing anddigital printing six workshops, plant construction area of about 16,000 square meters. The main production of baby textiles (OEKO-TEX, Standard100 in the Class Ⅰ products) and bandages (ISO13485 Class Ⅰ). The products are mainly exported to Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Chile, Angola, the United States, Canada and the mainland of China. It has the production authorization of Universal Studios, AEON and other well-known brands, and has passed the social responsibility inspection of BV, TUV, SMTA and other companies; It has obtained the AEON quality management certification and the OEKO-TEX Standard100 certificate (BJ020126111 TESTEX), and is a group of OEM enterprises with well-known international and domestic brands, such as: Nishimatsu Bay, Noukie, KUB, Goodbaby,Yeehoo, Barabara, etc.

              The company "to make labor more valuable" for the purpose of "good faith development of customers, high-quality cast the brand" business philosophy to "meet the requirements beyond expectations;Continuous improvement, customer satisfaction" as the quality policy, focus on the development of their own core products, trusted by customers and Praise from all walks of life.

              We welcome your inquiry and visit, and will be happy to provide you with quality products and services.

              BEST Textile Co., Ltd. Yichang

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